Many of our customers are shopping for the best price.  We know this...... 

This is why Kenny's Painting is perfect for you.  

Many of our competitors offer three prices, -  a "Good, Better, Best" pricing structure.  

We offer one price... "THE BEST" .  Our work is performed (ONLY) by professional painters, with know-how. We take pride in our work and want to give you only the BEST job.   When we come across a specific problem, our 35+ years of experience, knows how to handle  that problem.  You might say, we are "House Doctors", diagnosing problems and fixing them, as we see them. 

We recommend our potential customers get at least 3 estimates.  You may find that our price could fall in the middle, but I can assure you that our quality is the same or better than some of our more expensive competitor's pricing.  When we estimate your paint job, we are experienced in seeing exactly what your job will take to do the job right, pricing accordingly at the best price possible for your situation.

The worst thing you can do is to have someone put a "bad" paint job on your exterior.  This WILL only create a "can of worms" for the rest of your houses life.  With this in mind, you DO get what you pay for. 

So remember, just because one of our competitors is offering you one of their "BEST" packages for $500-$3000 more than our price, know that our "Best" package is already factored into our   -one pricing structure-.

Call us today, see for yourself.

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The Best Paint Job for your Money.