Is your siding swelling near the bottom? Have KPS install a "drip ledge"
Is the bottom of your siding beginning to swell or rot?  KPS can add a drip ledge to help prevent further damage.  When properly installed by our professionals, the 1x4, - 1x12 cedar wood drip ledge can help prevent any more water from wicking up the bottom of your siding, and even (in most situations) cover up already damaged areas.
Once properly installed, we apply a 45 year caulk to the upper edge to help assure that no water will get behind the cedar board and will help prevent water from wicking up your siding in the future.
The cedar wood trim board is then primed using a top of the line primer, then painted the color of your choice, usually the house body color, so it will blend with the rest of the house.
This drip ledge wood cedar board (in our opinion), should be installed on all houses with the Weyerhaeuser vertical siding.
Ask your KPS representative for more information on this.
Normally only installed with vertical siding, as shown below.
​ Below, the drip ledge was installed on a house we painted about 4 years ago.  These photos demonstrate how the drip ledge literally blends with the rest of the house while protecting your siding from swelling.  The house shown had swelling beginning that was covered by the boards.  With a 45 year bead of caulk  on the top edge of the cedar drip ledge, and with the drip ledge properly installed, this can prolong the replacement of this siding and possibly even prevent ever having to replace it, because every time it rains, the rain can no longer wick up the pressed board siding.  It is as simple as that.

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